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UPG Network Resources

Share ministry resources with fellow missionaries by uploading them at this link. Also, join the UPG Initiative Facebook group to dialogue with other missionaries about ministry to unreached people groups. NOTE: The resource page and Facebook group are for LAC Missionaries only; please do not share this link with others.


Prayer Walking / Bob Holloway - A video guide on prayer walking by Bob Holloway. Shared by John Ogden, 1/18

Building a Team / Joil Marbut - A three part video series by Joil Marbut focusing on the core components of building a team in a UPG setting. Shared by John Ogden, 1/18

UPG Gathering 2017 Audio Files - Leticia, Colombia 2017

Mexico UPG Data - Shared by Mike Hadinger, 4/17

A Simple Guide to People Group Lists - A guide to the current people groups datasets and global missions’ originations that track data concerning the unreached. Shared by Tim Strange, 4/17

Submitting a Profile of an Unreached People GroupThe following document provides the format for profiles of unreached people groups (UPGs). These profiles will appear on the website beyond.ag.org alongside other UPG profiles from each AGWM region. Shared by Tim Strange, 4/17

Exec. Summary of Defining “Unreached People Groups” And Developing An AGWM Strategy For Response This synopsis serves as a report of the findings of the missiology group whose assignment was to evaluate and interact with the definitions of “unreached people group” and suggest appropriate AGWM responses in light of the challenge of this information. Shared by Tim Strange, 4/17

Defining Unreached People Groups and Developing an AGWM Strategy For ResponseThe answer to the question “what is the definition of unreached people group?” the authors want to suggest to AGWM that the definitions that have become standard for the mission world be accepted by our organization. Shared by Tim Strange, 4/17

A Pentecostal Approach to Ministry Among Unreached People Groups: Finishing the Mission - This paper examines how key concepts of frontier mission missiology can assist our world wide Assemblies of God mission movement. Particular focus will be given to how the emerging 2/3 world missions movement can be used of God to meet the spiritual need of the least reached people groups of our world. Shared by Tim Strange, 4/17

The Challenge of Unreached Peoples: Issues in AG Missiology - The material in this paper was originally prepared for an Assemblies of God World Missions (USA) (AGWM) global conference focused on a large bloc of unreached people groups. Shared by Tim Strange, 4/17

LAC UPG Prayer Calendar 2017 - Shared by Dave Woodworth, 2/17


(This page will be developed as resources are shared.)