University Ministry is one of LAC’s 7 Ministry Networks. 

The 4000 university campuses in Latin America Caribbean are home to 75 million future educators, business leaders, and politicians. Students are constantly at the forefront of societal change and reform, and there is no greater way to impact a nation with the Gospel than by reaching those who will soon be at the hub of cultural influence through their strategic positions. For this reason, our vision is to establish a beachhead on every secular university campus across the region.

We are currently resourcing, establishing and developing university ministries in 14 countries on a total of 50 campuses. In partnership with local churches, our strategy is to equip and empower young people to make disciples on new campuses, and to target the 25 countries where no university ministry has yet been planted. We believe that if we reach a student, we reach the future, and if we reach the future, we change the world.

Explore opportunities to serve university ministries by clicking the link below.