Pipeline is a process that connects the next generation of LAC missionaries with opportunities you may have to serve with your ministry.

Once opportunities are created, they are promoted broadly online, in print, and in person across the United States. When potential missionaries (called leads) express interest and enter the Pipeline process, they can ask questions and get answers as they are guided through a search process for an opportunity that is the best fit for both them and for the missionary. Once a successful connection is made, leads are then guided through the application process and thoroughly trained to fundraise (FPD) to arrive on the field in an average of 9 months.

Create an opportunity to serve using the form below. The Pipeline process requires training on Nutshell, an online database allowing our missionaries to communicate strategically with leads, and to keep track of their progress to the field. Please view the video below for training. Feel free to direct all questions to LAC Pipeline Coordinator Leah Musacchio at


LAC Pipeline / Nutshell Training