#104: Church Ministry, Teaching at Itn'l Christian School & ChildHope School

ASUNCIÓN, PARAGUAY — Various opportunities to be involved with a number of ministries, including a ChildHope (formerly LACC) school, grades K-12, in Asunción. ChildHope exists within LAC World Missions to address the needs of the poorest of the poor through compassion outreach, education in a Christian school system, and spiritual transformation through Christian church community.

Must be bilingual (language training is included for 1-2 year or Career assignments); preferably have adult and children’s ministry experience, some educational background, a self-starter, teachable, team player, not fearful, willing to take bus or taxi as needed, and must have endurance for a third-world setting.

Opportunities to serve in any one or more of the following areas:

- Compassion and Evangelistic ministry of ChildHope via the vehicle of Education. Must have skills in business management.

- Facilitate communication between sponsor and sponsored child, responsible to visit four schools in greater Asuncion area to help with correspondence received, translate letters, take pictures of sponsored children.

- Work with Chaplains of ChildHope developing strategies to encourage spiritual life of school staff members as well as of the students.

- Coach for ChildHope students feeling led to go into full time ministry; soul wining youth pastor familiar with Royal Ranger/Missionettes to develop among ChildHope students.

- Teach English with Paraguayan teachers in ChildHope English Department.

- Musician to develop an ChildHope choir and/or band, as well as establish and lead a worship team for Asunción International Christian Church (AIC). Must play an instrument.

- Sunday School teachers for children and adults at Asunción International Christian Church (AIC). Help develop and lead small groups or cell groups during the week.

- Asuncion Christian Academy (ACA) is an international non-denominational Christian school. ACA needs godly professionally trained teachers for all areas. Small salary would be included. Please contact us for more information about the benefits of working at ACA.

- Organize Chi Alpha among university students. There are currently two groups of university students that need organization and guidance.

- A person that has a vocation to work in a Compassion and Evangelistic ministry such as Latin America Child Care via the vehicle of Education. Must have skills in business management.

- A librarian help us to organize the books and materials we have in Spanish and English and to also help train others to do so.


  • 1-11 mo assignments available | Missions Abroad Placement Service - MAPS

  • 1-2 year assignments available | Missionary Associate - MA

  • 2+ year assignments available | Career