Missions Mobilization is one of LAC's 7 Ministry Networks.

We believe the Great Commission is God’s mandate to all His church everywhere. The Latin America Caribbean church shares the call to pray to the Lord of the harvest and to raise up, prepare, and send workers out to the ripened fields. 

We are partnering with national churches to become a region fully engaged in cross-cultural missions, where every pastor, local church, and believer participates in missions, with emphasis on unreached people groups within the region and throughout the world. Across the LAC region 19 of 20 Spanish-speaking countries have established a national missions program and are actively mobilizing missions among their constituent churches.

We strategize, mobilize, and energize cross-cultural missions efforts throughout the region by teaching, preaching, training, and promoting missions as a vital component of all avenues of ministry. Around half of the Spanish-speaking countries have a missions training program that ranges from one month to one year, beyond Bible School training.  This is a challenging task that requires resources and personnel. We rely on collaboration between US missionaries and national missionaries and leaders in this endeavor.  

In 2013, 2,599 missionaries were sent out from Latin America and the Caribbean to 83 different countries, including unreached people groups within their respective countries (see http://www.admec.com).  On average, 1 missionary is being sent per 118 churches, and the average yearly offering for one church is $63.55 (dollars) for missions.  The potential is enormous.

Our goal is that every missionary in the region promote a missions emphasis wherever they have influence, through their various ministry positions, including children, youth, Bible schools, and church planting. We will help raise missions awareness in national and local churches regarding unreached populations in local and global contexts. We will support the national missions program in their country of service, through encouraging, networking, training, and/or facilitating missions however possible; and, in countries with no existing missions program, contribute toward its formation. And we will help mobilize national and local churches to pray for a global harvest, to give generously to missions endeavors, and to send workers to the  harvest field, especially to people groups with least access to the gospel.

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