You don’t measure yourself by your success, but you measure yourself against the unfinished task.
— Loren Triplett, former AGWM executive director

Five hundred and fifty million. That's how many people living in Latin America Caribbean (LAC) still do not know Jesus as their personal savior. Only one in six people do. We are reaching The Other Five.

These have never received an adequate representation of the Gospel, and more than 20 million have never heard the name of Jesus. Syncretism, animism, idolatry, and distorted images of Christ are present across every country and culture. Growing communities of eastern migrants practicing Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism are hungry for belonging and for truth.

We believe the only solution is to reach them wherever they are, by every means possible. We reject the notion that any group is too dangerous, isolated, or remote. With urgent prayer and in collaboration with national churches, our missionaries are committed to planting indigenous churches across the region to reach the lost, to train pastors and mobilize new missionaries, and to restore human dignity with the love of Jesus.

As part of the Assemblies of God World Missions, LAC World Missions has been at the forefront of planting the church since 1914. Join the next generation of missionaries to finish the unfinished task in Latin America Caribbean. Your moment is now.