The Rixs: Let God Call You

Zach & Dania Rix have served as AG missionary associates in Honduras from '08-'11. They also served together as youth pastors at Life Church Assembly of God in Fruitland Park, Florida from '11-'15. Currently, the Rixs are raising their budget to return as career missionaries to Honduras with their family.

I remember the hot summer day in July 2014 that God spoke to me. He said, “I am sending you and your family back to Honduras to reach children and youth with the Gospel. Reach a generation. Reach a nation.” We had been praying for an answer for sometime. An answer to where we would spend our lives. An answer to the country where we would serve. An answer to where He was calling us to go. We had been praying about the possibility of many different countries, regions, and people groups. But we wanted to hear from the Lord. We didn’t want to be led by a sense of adventure or some romantic view of missions. We didn’t want to go without hearing from God. It seemed like all of the sudden that He spoke. It was so clear. I have heard the voice of The Lord before but never like this. The clarity and urgency of His call struck such a deep chord in my soul that has moved us to action. We immediately began the process with AGWM to become missionaries.

Here we are, five months into our very first itineration, preparing to go and live in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. What many would consider to be one the world’s most violent cities, with one of the world’s highest homicide rates. Nearly half of the population in Honduras is younger than 16 years old and to the natural eye, the odds are stacked up against them. Children and youth face the extreme challenges of poverty, gang violence, and sexual abuse. For many of them, there seems to be no way out and no hope. The phrase that the Lord stamped on our hearts, “Reach a generation. Reach a Nation,” is inescapable for us. We must strive to make a difference in the lives of the children and youth in Honduras because they are the future of this beautiful nation. By reaching them with the Gospel of Jesus, we can see a country that has been plagued by violence, turned around in the coming years.

We are a family of five. My wife and I have three daughters. Gabriela is 3 years old, Sofia is two years old, and Rebeca is only 3 months old. I remember when I first mentioned to a colleague that we were moving to Honduras. His response was, “Why would you do that?” In the eyes of many people, it might appear crazy for us to move to Honduras, especially considering we have three very young girls. At times, do we have worries about their safety and well-being? Yes. However, we have learned that we must not let our fears, comfort, or safety dictate whether or not we follow God’s call on our lives. When struggles come, when fears creep in, when anxiety seems overwhelming, we simply remember that summer night in July 2014.  We remember the clearness of God’s voice and the realness of His call. The call of God overrules human wisdom and understanding. His call is bigger and more powerful than any fears that we struggle with. When we reflect on that call, His peace floods into our hearts. We are so thankful that God is calling us as a family to Honduras and we know that He will use each one of us for His glory.


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