The Orantes: Preparing Ministers to Reach the Next Generation

Esdras & Michelle Orantes have served in missions for many years throughout Latin America Caribbean. Their family currently serves in Brazil, where they have served since 2010. The Orantes are called to raise up the next generation of Spirit-filled young people in Brazil to reach the lost, including 65 unreached people groups.

There has always been a concern about the preparation of new laborers and Matthew 9 continues to be reality, “the harvest is great but the workers are few.”  When we talk about the harvest, it’s understood that we are talking about souls and when we talk about souls it means each and every person, no matter what race, color — or AGE.  In my heart there is a passion to disciple and prepare workers that are willing to give their lives to reach children.

In our churches there is a group of people who are willing to give everything, their time, strength and lives to serve the Lord.  I’m talking about teens and young adults: even though they are rough around the edges, they are still in the process of finding their purpose and what life is about. That is where the advanced discipleship process starts and we can plant the vision that God is willing and wants to use their lives to reach children.

We have the privilege of knowing many examples of how God calls and confirms children on up.  Mayara was a teenager that we have seen grow into a minister of the Lord.  She joined King’s Castle-Brazil when she was 16, went to El Salvador for Last Harvest training when she was 18 and has continued to learn and grow, now as the leader of the Castle Club children’s discipleship in Brazil.  Vinicius felt the call to full-time ministry when he was 18, leaving a prestigious photography school to be "apprenticed by the King of kings."  He’s studying to be a Theology Professor and leading a full-time discipleship and children’s minister training program called Impact (modeled from Last Harvest El Salvador).

So, just like in times past with Joseph, Joshua, Samuel and David, God is still interested in raising up young ministers to reach the next generation. We can show that we believe in this generation and in reaching the last harvest by providing children and teens with the opportunity to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and teach them how to stay filled by practicing their gifts (sharing their testimony, laying on of hands in prayer, speaking in tongues, etc.).  They need opportunities to practice teaching, preaching and praying, among their peers, with children and with adults.

Decide to be a Pentecostal mentor to a child or teen today and please pray for more laborers to reach the great harvest in Brazil! 


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Nicco Musacchio