Like a Seed...

Lakeera is a former Third Grade teacher who has followed the LORD to the mission field since becoming a Christian in February of 2012. She is currently a missionary associate with the Assemblies of God who will be serving alongside career missionaries Ricky and Carol Hendon as they endeavor to close the gap between the unreached and Jesus in the cities and jungles of Peru.

It’s been one of “those” days. 

You know the kind. One of those days that finds you standing in the middle of your kitchen, wielding worship lyrics as weapons & watching the darkness flee. One of those days that turns your kitchen tile into holy ground & leaves you breathless, wonder-filled, & raspy as you trade oxygen for a battle cry & empty space for soul filling Presence. 

But, what brings us here? Is it joy? Freedom? Excitement? Invitation? No. All of those things are beautiful & are ours in abundance at the feet of our Savior.

But, what brings us here; to this place of Presence - where you’re breaking & rebuilding, shrinking & enlarging all at once? Caught in worship that shakes the Heavenlies, tramples Hell, & affirms your heart? Reveals the darkness & subsequently crushes it? (Because make no mistake, I felt that fear become shadow && waver behind me before deciding to flee).

For me that thing is transition. You know, the subtle movement from one season to the next; from one place to the other. The subtle subtle swoop of beginning as it gives rise to end. The way winter gloriously melts into Spring, ice fades & the victorious sprigs of new life blossom once again. 

But what we don’t see is the courage of the seed, planted far below. Carried from its precious home only to be buried in a new one. Braving the frost & the ice of its new reality in desperate determination to reunite with the warmth of its first love, & to not just offer its smiles in the face of the sun’s beauty, but also the new life that it fought to shelter & bring to the surface with it in the most beautiful display of love. 

Oftentimes, what we call unknown is simply us being planted, & if what Jesus says in John 12:24 is to be believed then planting always promises resurrection. Planting always promises new life.

But planting also promises dirt, & trial; squeezing, shifting, breaking. Planting promises that our roots must grow deep & our stems must grow up. Our faith must find Him in the soil & determine to latch deeply onto Him, while our spirit travels upward, carrying worship & the promise of sustenance unseen to the surface of a broken world. Where we must be determined to offer our smiles in the face of the Son’s beauty & also the new life that He died to place within us. 

Well, that is me right now. Once a whole girl - a flower known by many names, Teacher, Best Friend, Worshipper, Student, I now begin life again, as simply a seed. Planted in the winter of loving a land I’ll soon leave, only to blossom on the surface of a land I’ll soon know. Right now my heart is both in America & longing for Peru. & as I wake each day I feel my shell expanding. Brimming with life as I become a plant. It is beautiful, it is exciting, it is wonderful, & it is hard. 

To know your place & love it & slowly take yourself away from it. To know that each laugh comes with a countdown, each new assignment comes with an end & each new root brings you closer to goodbye. What an odd thing it is to grow beneath the surface, seen only by the LORD, only to break ground in foreign soil. 

But that is me right now. Hallowed, honored, shaped by my Father’s hand & fashioned in His timing. It is beautiful, & wonderful, life giving, & sweet. & I know that this life is not just for me, & not even for those around me. But for those I’ve never met, whom Jesus is calling me to love, to disciple, to cherish, & to invite. This life is meant to be shared, to be freely given, & in the law of creation to produce more seed of its kind (Genesis 1:11). I can’t wait to do just that! 

So maybe you’re in a season of discomfort. Everywhere you look, the walls seem to be made of dirt, the light seems to be so far away, & the memory of your Father is all that keeps you going. Maybe, just maybe, dear one, you too have been planted like a seed. Made beautiful in His timing & made perfect by His strength. I’m with you fam & I’m trusting that God is sustaining you, even as He is shaping you & He is using your tears to water your soil & is singing over you; bringing to the surface the most beautiful life & turning your soil into Spring. I love you so much. 

Happy growing,


*Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds. - Jesus


Meryl Spadaro