Losing Control

Savannah and her husband, Jason Breaux are currently studying at Cincel Language School in Costa Rica. Once they graduate, the Breaux's will be serving alongside the Perez Family in Costa Rica.

Last year, in the middle of August, we arrived on the mission field to begin language school. Just nine days after we left for the field, the great state and our home state, Texas,  was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Here we are, new MAs just getting settled in to our new home, while  our home back in the States and all our family and friends are getting slammed by this storm. We wanted so badly to jump on the next plane out so we could be a service to our home state and town. Our hands were tied and we were unable to go and help those in need.

 Throughout the week of the storm, God spoke to us; “This is out of your control. Trust me that I will take care of your family and friends.” Do you know how hard it is to watch the news and see the place that you lived just nine days ago, under at least five feet of water? To see people being rescued out of their homes because no one ever thought their neighborhood would flood like that? To see a major highway under enough water that boats could now “drive” down it? This was just one of the the first ways that God proved to us that He was still in control.

 Secondly, my in-laws live in Rockport, Texas, where the eye of Hurricane Harvey hit the greatest. After seeing the effects of Harvey on the little town of Rockport and then seeing the effect on my in-law’s place showed that God was in control. Boat harbors that once housed 3 levels of  boats up to 60 feet high, were now completely demolished. All that remained were empty lots where houses and business once stood. My in-laws live in a small cottage, in a neighborhood of other small homes. It was clear that with all the devastation surrounding this town, every home in their neighborhood, including theirs, was sure to withstand the same brutal beating. The miracle was that every home, apartment, garage, and business around them disappeared, while they came back to a home that was not even missing a shingle. Can we say that was GOD or what?! In addition to this incredible miracle, they were in the process of building a second home on the water which also recieved minimum damage. THAT’S IT! It was clear that God’s protection and faithfulness was all over them.

 Thirdly, like all Missionaries and MAs, we had raised 100% of our budget by the time came to leave for the field. 90% of our supporters are from Texas. Our friends were facing flooded and demolished homes and some lost their jobs and incomes. As I mentioned, we were only a month into our time on the field and we had lost over $1,000 in monthly support because our awesome supporters are now having to rebuild what they lost. Naturally, we sit back and think about how we are going to manage stay on the field with such a huge lose. We begin doing what we can - we make phone calls, send emails, and connect with people on Facebook. It had even come to a point where we had talked about returning home for an extended itineration. We believed that God brought us to this place; but why would He bring us there if we were supposed to turn around and go back home?

Over the next few months, we start to see something out of the ordinary on the giving statements we receive each month. As each statement comes, we start to realize that we are receiving $300-$500 “extra” each month from supporters that we were not expecting. It is truly God who has placed these givers into our lives, and placed us on their hearts to give to our ministry at such a crucial time. Each month, there has been someone different investing into our ministry. We are still shy of meeting our budget to the full amount monthly, but we receive just enough to continue our stay on the field and do what God has called us to do.

You see, God has a funny way of proving to us that He is in control. This is just one area of my life I struggle with; control and waiting. God has everything in our lives laid out, He knows what tomorrow holds. Our flesh makes this hard for us to understand, because we naturally want to be in control. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”(NIV) God has it all planned out for us, but I also know that this is hard; it’s hard to live life not knowing the answers or when they will come. I challenge you, if you are going through something and you have no clue where to start or when it’s going to end, continue to hold on tightly to the Father’s word.  He cares so much for us that He knows, “the very hairs of (our) head are all numbers.” (Luke 12:7 NIV) We live life with a lot of unanswered questions, but He knows the answers to those questions and He is ready and willing to carry us through any storm He places us in.

Nicco Musacchio