Little is Much

Michelle Wellborn and her husband Jonathan, along with their three children (Alexis, Isabella, and Joshua), have been missionaries for 17 years, reaching the children of Latin America and discipling them to walk in the supernatural. They also teach young adults how to use media in ministry. 

Last week, I was ministering at a camp with 360 Kids in El Salvador. The kids prayed for me to raise our money to get back to Argentina soon. Afterwards a group of boys came up to me and said that they had taken up an offering for me with their group. 

They said, “We know that it’s not that much, but it’s all we have. We wish we could give more. You need to get back to Argentina.” 

They handed me the envelope, and my eyes teared up as they gave me a love offering of all they had. In it were two $5 bills and ten $1 coins. This $20 I have prayed over and asked God to bless it and multiply it.

I am standing in front of the multitude with my Jesus waiting for the miracle.

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Meryl Spadaro