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Missionary Formation

New Missionaries: Welcome to LAC. We are thankful that you are joining our team! The LAC Leadership Team, composed of your Regional Directors and the Area Directors, along with your LAC regional office, are privileged to help you from the time you began to be processed, through Candidate Orientation Week and during itineration, until you arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica for language school, and beyond!

Missionary Formation is a process of interacting with missiological values that will be foundational to your life and service on the mission field. We (Jay and Nancy Dickerson) will make this journey with you, so please feel free to direct any questions you may have to jay.dickerson@agmd.org and nancy.dickerson@agmd.org.

Missionary Formation cultivates Six Competencies:

  1. Biblical Narrative: Understanding the Bible as a whole

  2. Theology of Mission: Missiologically engaged

  3. Understanding Culture: Culturally adept

  4. Spiritual Formation: Spiritually empowered

  5. Contextualization: Sharing the good news so hearers can understand

  6. Missionary Life & Work: Maintaining a healthy missionary, able to serve gladly

The Missionary Formation process involves four steps

  • STEP ONE: Pre-Approval – Starts when the application process begins.

  • STEP TWO: Pre-field Preparation – From Candidate Orientation until the missionary arrives on their field of service. This step also includes CINCEL (our language school) in San Jose, Costa Rica. CINCEL focuses on language acquisition as well as continued missionary formation in conjunction with AGTS.

  • STEP THREE: Arrival On Field – Continued missionary formation & mentoring through the OARS mentoring program.

  • STEP FOUR: Continued Professional Development for candidates and veteran missionaries; the need for growth never ends.

In STEP TWO: Pre-field Preparation, you will be part of a learning cohort. As a group, you will each be reading the same book that will be completed over a period of one-to-two months. Each book will be a tremendous help in your preparation. You will also be invited to join our Facebook Community, LAC Formation 101, and here you will be asked to post your weekly observations from the reading as well as dialogue with your colleagues’ posts.

Our group Zoom meetings are scheduled for the fourth Thursday of each month. Do everything possible to join us “live” for these meetings. 

We look forward to journeying together!


Reading Calendar & Links:

  1. JAN/FEB: Emilio Nunez and William Taylor, Crisis and Hope in Latin America. (Contextualization)

  2. JAN/FEB: Vinson Synan and others, Global Renewal Christianity: Latin America

  3. MAR/APR: Duane Elmer, Cross Cultural Servanthood (CP)

  4. MAY: Lingenfelter/Mayers, Ministering Cross-Culturally (Cultural Prep)

  5. JUL/AUG: Tom Steffen, Encountering Missionary Life and Work (Missionary Life & Work)

  6. SEP/OCT: John York, Missions in the Age of the Spirit - (Theology of Mission & Spiritual Formation)

  7. SEP/OCT: Melvin Hodges, The Indigenous Church & The Indigenous Church and Missionary (TOM)

  8. NOV/DEC: Quentin McGhee, Survey of the Old & New Testaments – Faith & Action Series (Bible Narrative)