We lead.

Building bridges of relationship with an unwavering commitment to develop leaders and provide avenues of impact. It is our focused intention to raise the bar of leadership in all avenues in which LAC engages. We are resolved to utilize both former and current leaders to bring effective ministry, recruit young leaders and engage in high capacity leadership training within the entire LAC region. We will seek to utilize the talents, skills and capabilities of second-life leaders, our supporting churches, missionaries and those who serve within the National Church.

We advance.

Strategically expanding our efforts of compassion and hope by offering our partners significant opportunities to serve and share the Gospel of Christ. It is our committed resolve to advance the Gospel and engage in top class efforts that will honor God, life and people. LAC will seek to assess and evaluate all efforts to ensure growth, improvement, financial stewardship and measurable impact of all that we engage in. The LAC leadership and its missionary force are determined to maintain fresh perspective while honoring the good work of the past. We will aggressively review our work to ensure the most effective methods are employed while maintaining the integrity and impact of the efforts in which we engage.

We collaborate.

Engaging and partnering with new and established efforts, mobilizing the church of LAC to make a global impact. We will seek to develop strategic relationships and alliances with the individuals, churches, the National Church and other entities to increase our ability to further the Gospel as well as efforts of the LAC region and the National Church. We will represent the message of being better and stronger together wherever and whenever possible.