Create Opportunities

Pipeline is a set of tools and a process that serves LAC missionaries by connecting the next generation of missionaries with opportunities you may have to serve with your ministry. The LAC Pipeline team works directly with you to identify opportunities, promote them broadly, identify potential workers, and walk with them through the application and fundraising process to get them to you on the field.

With approximately 50% of our missionaries retiring in the next 5 years, we are believing God more than ever to call more servants to the vision the has entrusted to us. We believe strongly in empowering and stewarding those he is sending to the harvest field. Your need may be their calling.

Create an opportunity to serve using the form below. Using the Pipeline system requires training on Nutshell, a system that allows our team to communicate strategically with potential missionaries. Please view the video below for training. Feel free to direct all questions or concerns to

LAC Pipeline / Nutshell Training

Request Promotional Materials

Our missionaries are LAC's primary advocates to the church at home. Below are examples of the promotional materials we've made to help you tell the story of LAC and how others can join our community through praying, giving, and serving.

We've prepared packages with 500 LAC Region Cards and 200 Community Cards to ship directly to you! This means each package has the potential to reach 700 future missionaries. For some this is more than enough; it's OK to have materials left over. These materials are free and so is shipping.

Request LAC promotional materials using the form below.


LAC Region Card (5''x7'' closed): describes the vision of LAC, our 5 areas, our 7 Initiatives, how to learn more, and how to connect to the LAC Community through prayer, financial support, and Pipeline. This is a great resource for display tables and promoting LAC in churches.

LAC Community Card (2''x3.5'' closed): describes how someone can connect to the LAC Community through prayer, financial support, and Pipeline. The bottom half provides a space to fill out information to send directly to the LAC Pipeline team. An ideal size to carry wherever you go.