#631: Train Pastors to Reach Unreached People Groups

Opportunity to serve as a Bible Institute teacher in a program called CAPE. CAPE provides access to indigenous pastors from unreached towns to receive the pastoral training they desperately need to reach their own unreached people groups. It is estimated that Oaxaca, Mexico has over 4000 towns that have not heard the Gospel message. Over 120 indigenous languages are spoken in Oaxaca, and this linguistic diversity presents a great challenge. One of the best ways to advance the Gospel message here is to work with bilingual men and women who preach in indigenous languages but can be trained in Spanish. The CAPE program provides this training opportunity. There are many students who wish to join the program but there are simply not enough teachers to expand efforts. This program also assists with church planting and evangelism. 

Contact the LAC Pipeline team to learn more about this opportunity.